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We are pioneer in logic based online business services for Broadband Internet Service, unique website designing, hosting, development, domain name registration, online marketing, search engine optimizing, web solutions and other service providers in the website-related industries.

Corporate Office:

Lavel-9, 39, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka – 1000.

1st Level:  +88(0)1550027904     +88(0)1550027905
2nd Level:  +88(0)1550027902   +88(0)1550027903
3rd Level:  +88(0)1550027900   +88(0)1550027901

Registered Office:

240/11, Mujgunni Highway, Islambag, Khalispur, Khulna-9000

+88(0)1550027900       +88(0)1550027901

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