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Leading Internet Service Provider in Khulna & Borishal Division

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Our Internet service is blazing fast, affordable on a dedicated network

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Broadband Internet service for Home & Business

Some of Our Valued Clients & Connections


Rocket Speed Internet

Mynet Technologies provide very stable connectivity within secure network. Our connection is reliable and super fast on a dedicated network. Our all connection is scalable up to 1Gbps connectivity.


Data Connectivity

We provide Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Data connectivity. It is possible to provide data connectivity as per your required volume. Secure your business from out side attack using Internet.


Intranet (LAN)

Local area network (LAN) is a group of devices that share a common platform to a server. We connect your entire business computer, Server, Printer, Camera and all related device using best passive product.


Camera Solution

Our Camera solution allows authorized personnel to securely monitor their facility anytime, anywhere. Our solution comes with maintenance, which can ensure service guarantee.


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