Q   How do i know how much speed i am getting?

Ans:   You can download and use bandwidth monitoring tools, eg DU Meter http://www.hageltech.com/dumeter/download

Q   Is my youtube, bdix uncapped?

Ans:  We ensure buffer less YouTube streaming and smooth communication through BDIX.

Q   What will be my YouTube speed?

A   We ensure buffer less YouTube streaming, not speed.

Q   How do i get access to te ftp server?

Ans:   Each FTP server maintained by an Administrator, if it is not Free FTP server you have to contact with the Admin to get access. BDIX do not maintain any FTP server. Several ISP maintain their FTP server for their own customer.

Q   How can i contact with your higher authority?

A   any kind of query you can reach us to mail: [email protected]

Q   Is there any number where we can send our quarries by sms?

A   Cell: 01550027900 t0 05 or [email protected]

Q  Do you provide 24/7 support service?

A   Over phone support 24/7 only.

Q  Why i don’t receive any paper bill?

A  send text sms only for retail customer.

Q   I have paid my bill, why my link is still disconnected?

A   Depends on situation basis (If Paid On Bank/Bkash then 8 working Hours. If Paid on Mynet Office then 4 working Hours.) and need more query for appropriate ans.

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